Portraits and candid shots taken during the Canine Contests at Doggie Dash. Photographer: Laura Hinrichs
Ohs DoggieDash 513aOhs DoggieDash 538aOhs DoggieDash 533AOhs DoggieDash 546aOhs DoggieDash 549aOhs DoggieDash 557aOhs DoggieDash 560aOhs DoggieDash 567aOhs DoggieDash 572aOhs DoggieDash 578aOhs DoggieDash 585aOhs DoggieDash 590aOhs DoggieDash 590bOhs DoggieDash 591aOhs DoggieDash 593aOhs DoggieDash 597aOhs DoggieDash 599bOhs DoggieDash 600aOhs DoggieDash 600bOhs DoggieDash 602a